• More than 140,000 Km
  • Across four continents
  • More than 200 concepts from bakery, coffee and snack providers
  • More than 10,000 photos
  • Over 6,500 consumer observations
  • Supported numerous companies in implementing trend concepts
  • Accurate perception and over 12 years of “hands-on experience”

The crucial question at the end of the day is what trends are going to be successful for your own business?

One encounters numerous impulses every day and, over the course of a year, thousands.

The challenge for any strategist is to filter out the “right trends” for your own business.

The GA-Trendagentur filters out ONLY the trends with the best chances of success on the German market. 




Inh: Ludger E. Schlautmann

Am Überesch 7
748268 Gimbte

t: +49 (0) 2571 5031 332
f: +49 (0) 2571 5031 333

E-Mail: schlautmann[at]ga-trendagentur.com

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